Rita Covey Palliative Care Room

When asked by staff at Shoreham if the family would like her father moved to a quiet room at the end of the hall for his final days Heather Schnare said yes. The idea of a private space where the family could spend time with her father and say goodbye without feeling as though they were disturbing anyone provided a great sense of relief at an emotionally difficult time.

“The night before my Dad died there were eight of us in the room, my mother, my siblings, my children and me. We didn’t need to worry about bothering anyone. It was just us,” explains Heather.

She also found the support from staff to be just what they needed. “The staff explained in a clear and compassionate way what was going to happen and were there for us, from answering our many questions to making sure there was always coffee in the pot.”

Trained Palliative Care volunteers are also available to be with the loved one to provide family members with the opportunity to rest. In addition to the emotional and medical support, the physical comforts of the room, which contains its own washroom and comfortable furniture, ease the strain on the family.

“The Rita Covey Palliative Care room was wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for better care for my father or us,” says Heather.