Rita Covey Palliative Care Room

When asked by staff at Shoreham if the family would like her father moved to a quiet room at the end of the hall for his final days Heather Schnare said yes. The idea of a private space where the family could spend time with her father and say goodbye without feeling as though they were disturbing anyone provided a great sense of relief at an emotionally difficult time.

“The night before my Dad died there were eight of us in the room, my mother, my siblings, my children and me. We didn’t need to worry about bothering anyone. It was just us,” explains Heather.

She also found the support from staff to be just what they needed. “The staff explained in a clear and compassionate way what was going to happen and were there for us, from answering our many questions to making sure there was always coffee in the pot.”

Trained Palliative Care volunteers are also available to be with the loved one to provide family members with the opportunity to rest. In addition to the emotional and medical support, the physical comforts of the room, which contains its own washroom and comfortable furniture, ease the strain on the family.

“The Rita Covey Palliative Care room was wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for better care for my father or us,” says Heather.

Honouring the memory of a loved one

“I am so appreciative of the time everyone took to answer my questions, to honour my requests and to have such patience with my concerns. If I could have chosen an extended family for my father, I couldn’t have done better.”

- Claudette MacDonald, daughter of a Shoreham Village resident

Ernie Chaisson was an outgoing, friendly and enjoyable part of the Shoreham family. His daughter was looking for a way to honour her father’s memory.

“The staff at Shoreham helped us learn a lot about the transition from independence to dependence that many of the elderly face. They made him feel comfortable and encouraged him to take part in the Shoreham community. Knowing he was receiving such good care, made it easier for the whole family. I really wanted to show my appreciation for the staff and find a way of saying thank you for the wonderful job they did.”

When she learned about plans for a new staff room she thought it would be an opportunity to show her appreciation, by helping to provide a space for staff to reenergize and be ready to take on the rest of their day.

Investing in People

An anonymous donation made to the Shoreham Village Foundation enabled staff to receive valuable teamwork and communications training.

The workshop showed staff how different behaviours on the job can have an effect on teamwork. What does aggression look like and how does it affect colleagues? How can colleagues work together to build more cohesiveness to achieve goals and priorities?

Staff learned about the importance of positive and open communication and the value of clearly, accurately and respectfully speaking and listening, as well as the role body language can play.

“We are all here for the residents, but we also have to be good coworkers. The training showed us all how we could improve. For me, the real take away was needing to be aware of how my body language might be interpreted, needing to be sure that I always listen fully and ensuring that I communicate in a positive way.”

– Anne Venoit, Environmental Services

State of the Art Equipment

Through the support of donors, the Shoreham Village Foundation is able to help Shoreham purchase state of the art equipment to better care for residents.

Funds provided by the Foundation enabled Shoreham to purchase a number of overhead ceiling lifts for resident rooms. This special equipment allows lifting ease and comfort for the resident and staff when transferring a resident to and from their bed and wheel chair.

“Having the lifts installed in the resident’s room means that there is less waiting for residents to get up and get going. There is also increased safety and reduced risk of injury for both residents and staff in their daily routine.”

– Anita Wilwand, Physiotherapy Assistant

Purchases such as these are made possible by the generosity of donors and make the lives of our residents better.